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Cerebrovascular disease and vascular complications of the metabolic syndrome

Cerebrovascular disease, one of the main specific causes of mortality within cardiovascular disease, accounting for 14% of overall Portuguese mortality, has a particularly negative toll among the elderly, leading to disability and dependence for activities of daily living in almost 45% of stroke survivors. 

Several causes can be pinpointed, but certainly the most prevalent is the metabolic syndrome, which ranges 26-42% in Portugal. It comprises a vast array of features including hypertension, obesity and diabetes mellitus and entrains a set of macro- and micro-vascular complications that impair organ function and quality of life. 

Not surprisingly, diabetes mellitus retinopathy is the leading cause of legal blindness in adults. We will address prevention, risk factors, neurological damage and rehabilitation in stroke and strategies to prevent vascular lesions in the metabolic syndrome and diabetes mellitus.